So many of us see experts and gurus on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram who seem to have it all. It seems so easy for them.

Yesterday they made $150,000, the week before that they made $300,000, and last month they made 5 million, but we need to understand is that there is most likely a lot more behind the scenes that we have not seen that they had to do to get to that point.

Wanting instant gratification is killing you and here’s why…

So many people want to make a million dollars overnight, they want to “get rich quick”, but they don’t realize that there really is no such thing as get rich quick.

You hear about people who are worth a billions dollars, or someone who’s made 60 million dollars in a single year and you think that it must be nice for them to be able to have made that much money so quickly.

The thing is that behind these incredible success stories, which seem like overnight successes, we very rarely hear what actually goes on behind the scenes. We don’t hear how they started out with $7 dollars in their pocket or how long they’ve been struggling and grinding away to get to the point where they’re successful.

Maybe you’ve heard about how Anthony Levandowski just sold his Startup for 680 million dollars within 3 months of starting it… But what you don’t really hear is that he has been learning and putting the time in for almost 20+ years to get to that point… throughout his whole life he was learning from mentors and companies who were successful, and then when he was ready and then he quit his job and went out on his own…

Where he took all of his knowledge and skills that he learned over the years a built a company which he sold within 3 months for more than half a billion dollars.

So did it take him 3 months to be successful? No, it took him more than 20 years and 3 months, but throughout the whole time he was having small wins, learning, and perfecting his skills before it finally paid off in a big way.

The thing with any of this is that we see the incredible success that other people are having and we feel that we are inadequate or unsuccessful because we haven’t had the same success as them.

With all of this, it takes time and if we aren’t willing to put in the time and be patient and consistent then we’re never going to be as successful as we could be.

Let’s imagine for a second that you were talking to your friend who owns a farm and he’s making 10 million dollars a year by selling vegetables on his farm.

So then you say.. well he’s doing it so it can’t be that difficult, all it really takes is just buying some seeds and planting them right?

So let’s say you buy the seeds and plant some corn, tomatoes, and other veg tables and then you just leave them there…

Now… Are all these vegetables going to grow overnight and you’re going to have an incredible farm generating 10 million dollars a year?


What’s going to immediately happen? Nothing!

Instead, what you need to do is water those seeds, care for them, and wait for them to grow at their own pace. And if you do it right and you’re patient then you’ll have an incredible garden which you’ll be proud of.

And if you get impatient, try to rush it, and expect that you can keep watering them every hour and they’ll grow that much quicker…

then what’s going to happen – they are going to most likely die because you did not care for them properly and you wanted the instant gratification of having an incredibly abundant garden – but you were not willing to put in the time, the hard work and effort, and wait for them to grow.

So it’s the same thing with our own life and our goals. We all have things that we want in life, but what we need to do is not be upset if we don’t get them immediately, but instead really put in the time, stick with it, and then with time and consistent effort we will have that incredible garden that we can be proud of. And then we can look back on everything that we’ve went through to get that and see that all our hard work and effort paid off.

So put in the time, put in the effort, and you can make it happen.

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