Want to know one of the best ways I’ve found to get clients and grow your freelancing business or agency?

What I’m going to tell you might sound kind of counterproductive and like you’d actually lose clients, but it’s one of the biggest things that made my life so much easier and helped me go from struggling to get clients to having more then I could handle was when I stopped working with clients…

I don’t mean altogether, I just stopped offering my services to everyone with a pulse and instead became a lot more focused.

For years I ran a web development and marketing agency and was offering services to everyone. I did pretty well, and it was a really good way to get experience with different types of clients, but I was losing focus and getting really burnt out so one day I decided to change everything and get specific about the exact type of client that I wanted to work with.

But before this, I always heard people mentioning this, but I never wanted to do… I never wanted to pull the trigger.. because I thought that I would be actually be losing clients if my company didn’t offer services to everyone, but I can tell you that it might make your life a lot easier and really help you grow your business if you do this…

The reason is instead of being overwhelmed with so hundreds of thousands of options for potential clients to work with, what you can offer them, how much to charge, and what to actually do for them… You’re able to really FOCUS and offer similar things to similar clients, instead of having to change it up every time – because for example, some of my clients have been multi-million dollar companies who work with the government and others have been small doctor’s offices with less than 3 people working for them.

You can imagine that the process, messaging, and what you’d offer would be completely different between those two.

One other thing with this is that it also really allows you to understand the exact wants and needs of your potential clients if you’re a lot more specific about what you’re offering and who you’re offering too.

If all of your marketing, messaging, testimonials, case studies, and what you offer is geared to a specific group of people, like a type of accountant or attorney for example – then you can imagine how much easier it is for that person to hire you if they see that everything you do is to help people similar to them instead of… that you help absolutely everyone with a few dollars and a pulse.

If it still doesn’t make sense, who would you rather go to if you need to have a really complicated and dangerous heart surgery? Would you rather go to a surgeon who has done hundreds of successful heart surgeries in the past, or would you rather go to your local dentist? Both doctors, but you’d probably want to go to the one who is most experienced with helping you solve your exact problem, right?

So once you decide to do this it makes it so much easier to understand your potential client’s pain points, what keeps them up at night, exactly what they need, and exactly how you can help them.

One thing that really helps with this if you haven’t worked with this type of client before – is 1. just talk to them and ask them exactly what they’re struggling with or if you don’t want to do that then you can do what I first did which was to grab a couple books from Audible or Amazon which my target market would read and really try to get into their head to understand exactly what they’re struggling with.

Depending on who your ideal client is, a good series of books that can help you get a deeper idea is the e-myth books… there are a bunch of different ones such as the e-myth attorney, e-myth accountant, e-myth physician, and a lot more…. So I’d recommend that once you’ve picked the group of people you’d like to help then grab a book or two (or check out some forums, blogs, or groups) and spend a few days, or at least a few hours, and really try to find out exactly what your ideal clients are struggling with or exactly what they want and need in order for you to see how you can help them…

One other benefit from this is that it will make it easier for you and so much better for them when you talk to them because they’ll see that you really understand what they’re going through and their exact wants and needs.

Now when I mention about focusing on one type of client, this isn’t something that you need to do forever, but at least do it for the next 90 days and just pick one specific type of client and dive deep into this.

You’ll be surprised how much easier this makes it for you in terms of focusing, your messaging, what you offer, and how much easier it becomes to get a new client.

After that if you would like to switch it up and work with a different type of client, then nobody’s going to be stopping you. But you might found out you really like working with them, and now you’ll have all similar case studies, testimonials, and such a great idea about exactly want this type of client wants and needs that will really help you in the long run.


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