Have you ever thought about what the most successful entrepreneurs have in common?

Beyond just ideas and hustle, there are several habits that the most successful entrepreneurs share.

Having been an entrepreneur for many years, I’ve realized that there were some habits that I’ve developed as a process of pure necessity and others which had to be habits that I’ve more forced myself to develop.

What I was surprised to learn is that there is also a pattern of habits which the most successful entrepreneurs share which contribute to their incredible success.

These are 6 habits that continue to come up over and over again when you hear about what the most successful have in common:

1. They stay focused

Distractions are without a doubt one of the worst things that can keep you from hitting your goals. It’s so easy for us to pop into our inbox just to check if there’s any updates and then we end up getting caught up in responding to so many different e-mail exchanges with no end in sight.

Here’s a tip: When you start the morning: write down only three tasks that you need to, without a doubt, knock out for the day, write down the main people who you are waiting on something from, and the main people who you need to follow-up with.

Then when you first go into your inbox in the morning – only respond to or send messages to those people from the list that you just wrote, don’t check anything else, and don’t open your inbox again until you’ve completed the three knockout tasks that you wrote down in the morning.

Now of course, most of us have more than three things to do for the day, but don’t start the morning by writing down a laundry list of 20 things that you have to do.

Really think about your goals and what action is going to be the most critical for your success, and then make sure that you finish those three tasks.

Then once you are have completed those three – there’s no reason that you can’t do other less critical tasks – but you know that you have accomplished the most important things that you needed to do for the day.

2. They exercise regularly

Most likely everyone knows that exercise is something that we all should be doing, but yet, not everyone does it regularly.

Daily exercise is a great way to get going in the morning, it allows you to focus better throughout the day, it release endorphins which help to reduce your stress, and it helps build your confidence.

3. They are not controlled by fear

Allowing fear to control your decisions is one of the biggest things that cause us not to reach out goals.

By doing something that you’re afraid of you’re giving yourself the opportunity to grow and change as a person and then once you’ve actually done what you were afraid of then you’ll realize that it really wasn’t as scary as you thought and start to benefit from it.

This could be starting a new business, writing a blog post, recording a video, or just going up to someone and talking to them for the first time.

If you embrace your fears, instead of avoiding them, then it becomes that much easier to continue practicing this and it make it an ongoing habit to growing your business and yourself as a person.

4. They get enough sleep

Take time each night to get a good night’s rest and give your body a chance to recuperate. Getting proper sleep helps with our memory, creativity, and overall health. It may feel that we’re being lazy, or not productive, by sleeping in for those 7+ hours but it has many benefits in both the long and short term.

5. They are consistent

With all of the different things pulling at our attention, it’s so easy for us to not be consistent in what we’re doing. Whether it’s with marketing, blogging, exercising, or working on what we need to towards our goals – consistency is key.

Sit down and figure out what you need to be consistent with and then create a schedule that you can stick to. This will help you in all aspects of your personal and business life.

6. They don’t give up

Whether you feel fear, frustration, or disappointment – don’t give up. The overnight successes you hear about? They Don’t Exist. Every single success that you hear about is a result of perseverance, determination, and sticking with it.

Over time you will gain knowledge, get additional skills, and have experiences which all will help you throughout all future aspects of your life so continue to remind yourself about your goals, how bad you want them, and what they mean to you and know that it will all be worth it when you achieve those.

If you feel frustrated, think about how what steps you’ve taken so far, how far you’ve come, what you could do differently in order to get a different result, and how you can use the knowledge that you’ve obtained to help you as you continue moving forward.

Practicing these simple 6 habits can help you throughout all aspects of your life and help you grow your business every single day.

How many of these habits do you practice regularly? Comment below!

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